About Us


one stop shop
for base board material

We at Nusantara Putra Setia aims to be the one stop shop for base board material for furniture productions. Your furnitures comes in variation of sizes and so does our plywood.

We have been operating for 30years and throughout our experience, we have acquired necessary products for your convenience. We specialised in plywood, blockboard, fancy plywood and recently we have started acquiring MDF and HMR as these materials are currently trending for furniture productions. We have acquire AICA HPL as part of our product range which is a fitting image to a high quality product standard to pair with our products.

We have worked with many customers to achieve their production material requirements and have been satisfied. Working with many of our customers for years have not only satisfied our customers but their customers through maintaining quality of their production which not only saves them time in production but also the durability of their furniture produced.